Ashiatsu Now Available at Organic Spa!

Ashiatsu Massage is an ancient form of bodywork that uses gravity and bare feet to give a very deep compression to the muscle tissues.

  • This treatment uses deep, long flowing strokes and provides the client with an amazing therapeutic and relaxing massage.
  • The feet cover a broader surface area for applying pressure while the massage therapist holds onto overhead bars for balancing their weight.
  • Our therapist has done extensive training in this method.
  • Great for those who feel like they want pressure to go deeper, for athletes, and for even those who want a Swedish style Ashiatsu without the deepest pressure.


Deep compression force should not be done on the following:

  • Pregnancy or trying to get pregnant
  • Breast implants within nine months
  • Boils, skin lesions or abscessed
  • Recent eye procedure/ Lasik surgery within 72 hours
  • Tuberculosis, thrombosis, aneurysm, kidney disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, recent bowel or hernia surgery
  • Any acute inflammatory conditions such as active phlebitis/cellulites
  • Persons on Coumadin, Lovenox, Heparin or heavy aspirin use could bruise and clots are possible
  • High blood pressure or heart condition, pacemaker, stint or shunt
  • Rib fracture, osteoporosis
  • Any recent (acute) injuries or surgeries

Use caution when working with:

  • Certain diabetic cases
  • Back of the hamstrings on clients who have sat in the same position for more than 6 hours with minimal movement. (Ex. Deep vein thrombosis)
  • Recent injections of substances at joint or muscle junctures
  • Recent knee surgery if applying Hip Hiker Three protocol
  • Heavy menstrual cramping or abnormal flow cycle
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Fresh bruises
  • Varicosities/Spider Veins
  • Low grade fever
  • Cancer- consult physician
  • Hyper mobile clients
  • Osteopenia (early stage of Osteoporosis)
  • Severe anterior rotation of the pelvic region
  • Spinal Stenosis

Additional Cautions for Anterior Work:

  • Separated shoulder
  • Collarbone damage
  • Knee or knee-joint problems
  • Heavy forearm and leg hair
  • Recent whiplash
  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritic Joints

Ashiatsu Bar Massage Pricing

Members Non
50 min
$79 $99
80 min
$119 $149
110 min
$158 $199


“I tried Ashiatsu today and I am deeply changed for the better.  The large area her feet can press into at once released my shoulders like nothing else.  My legs are deeply relaxed now and I can’t wait to come back!” says Mike M. 8/15/15

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Certified Reviews

Reviewed by Tony S. 9/25/2016 These guys were great! I’m a 50 yr. old male and have never had a professional massage, so I have no frame of reference. I just know that so far I’ve had two sessions at Organic Spa, with 2 therapists, and after both I was free of chronic back pain. My last session however, pushed a little farther than the first. Gabe was recommended to me by my girlfriend and he did an excellent job. I wanted someone who wouldn’t hold back and would really try to tackle the issue. I appreciated that he could alter his process, gentler or stronger, depending on the clients preferences. I was a little more sore but felt much of the difficult tension and knots were worked out. It’s been many, many years since I could just bounce out of bed with no chronic pain,- a strange, ‘freeing’ feeling to be sure, and one that insures I’ll be going back often.

Reviewed by Jere D. 8/25/16 Great deep tissue massage with Darryl! My neck and shoulders had been hurting so bad he worked out all the knots. Feeling so much better now!

Reviewed by Maria G. 8/23/16 I just had the Anti-aging Luxury Lift (one hour 25 minutes) Organic anti-aging luxury lift with Organic Firming Peel followed by Lip and Eye treatment. Wow!!  It was a very gentle, calming and relaxing experience.  Noureen did an excellent job. I love how wonderful the products smell. I ended up buying that good smelling Stone Crop Hydrating Mist and face gel wash. Customer service is excellent and the place is very clean and appealing Will be back!!

Reviewed by Dr. Lindsey Berkson 8/20/16 “When I had the Resonance Repatterning session with Rosita, I felt a true shift and healing occur that stayed with me for months. I have not met a healer that can go so deep and has such clean and authentic energy. I highly recommend Rosita Alvarez as a master healer.”

Reviewed by Maddy J 8/11/2016 Matt & his team were incredible!! The location is clean and very inviting. I was planning a (somewhat) last minute Bachlorette Spa Day & had it down to 3 spas: Viva, Milk & Honey or Organic Spa. All three were fantastic options. But Matt was so willing to work with our party size & budget. We were in constant contact making sure each detail was just so. He was very patient with me & did everything he could to make this hectic week a little easier. Once we all got there they had everything prepared just as we had talked about & whisked us each away to our own little quiet rooms. Each member of the team was very talented & educated. They made sure each session was specific to our needs and we were comfortable.
I cannot say enough good about this place. We had a fantastic time! If I was a local I’d likely have a membership. Everyone here was courteous & generous & just generally fantastic!
Thank you Matt & team. You’ve made quiet a memory for our beautiful Bride-to-be!

Reviewed by Mel W. 8/8/16 I just went in to get my brows threaded and wasn’t expecting much considering that this place is located in a strip mall next to an HEB. I was also prepared to be disappointed because it was going to be the most expensive threading I’d ever had done…

But they managed to make it worth the money. The facilities are clean and relaxing – It felt a world away from the outside surroundings. Noureen, the technician (esthetician), was excellent at her job and gave me advice about what we can do this time and what we can do next time to train my brows to grow less “straight”. She ended with a soothing temple massage, which was a surprise and probably the best part.

I’ll absolutely be back to try the rest of their skincare and massage services.

Reviewed by Elise Sharum 8/4/16 I had a wonderful therapeutic message with Jere. She did an amazing job! I can’t wait to go back. Thank you!

Reviewed by Maria G 7/20/2016 My husband and I went in for couple’s massage last month and it was wonderful. It was a very relaxing experience and loved every minute of it. Anthony and Jere did an excellent job. Customer service was great, friendly and professional. We will definitely be back!!

Reviewed by Barbie B 7/18/2016 I was pleasantly surprised with the interior appointments and decor. You immediately forget you just parked at a strip center and are transferred  to a lovely Day Spa! The expertise of Jere was evident…

Reviewed by Joey M 6/25/2016 I’ll definitely be back. Scheduling was very simple. Check in and out process was fast and easy. I had an hour massage and Jere was awesome. She now ranks as the best massage I’ve ever had.

Reviewed by Rita B 6/7/2016 It was my first time getting facial and eyebrows done at organic spa and I was bit nervous about it. But Noureen was wonderful and I left Organic spa happy after my appointment. She definitely knows what she is doing and she makes you comfortable and give you all the details before doing anything on your face or eyebrows. I will definitely go back.

Reviewed by Hannah S 5/20/2016 I received an amazing ashiatsu massage from Jere! She was so nice, and personable! Can’t wait to book more! THANK YOU!

Reviewed by T. Rogers 5/20/2016 Working with Rosita was a phenomenal experience. After a Resonance Repatterning® session with her, I feel clear headed, at ease, and fully at peace.  She has a calm, gentle yet powerful presence, and a very effective practice.  I would recommend her for anyone who is dealing with deep-seated issues, life conflicts, or just day-to-day problems. I have never experienced such a profound positive change in myself in just an 1.5 hour session.  I look forward to my sessions with her.

Reviewed by Jana M 5/18/2016 I just had an amazing massage from Jere. She has an amazing touch. I feel like a million bucks! I get regular massages and have for years but this one was different. So relaxing.. Great atmosphere too.

Reviewed by Vicki B 5/16/16 I love coming here and the folks out here really know how the body works. The staff is very friendly and my therapist rocks is in high demand so I have to book in advance for her, but the other therapists are great too.

Reviewed by Priya K 4/17/2016 I had an excellent experience in massage done by Maria.. Also customer service is great.

Reviewed by Melissa G 3/17/2016 I’m giving this place 5 stars for multiple reasons. My first experience was similar to the other complimentary posts. I was a little cautious due to the exterior and location, but found that it is a relaxing, well maintained full service spa, once you are inside. I had a wonderful massage and left feeling rejuvenated. My second experience months later, was a spa package gift to myself a number of weeks after having a baby. Like all new moms, I was in need of a little TLC after weeks of minimal sleep and the post labor aches and pains. This time around however, I don’t think I was matched with the right therapist for what I was expecting our of my Spa package. I left feeling disappointed and with the same aches and pains I came in with. Having to hurry back home to relieve the baby sitter, I did not bring it up when checking out. Finally a few weeks later I had some down time and sent a message to their management to let them know about my experience and they promptly took care of me and with more then I had expected.
I will definitely be going back and will continue to recommend to friends looking for a great spa on the north side of town.

Reviewed by Patricia S 3/15/2016 Had a 90 minute massage and it was wonderful. Looking forward to going back for another. I would definitely recommend this place.

Reviewed by Caitlin Martin 2/29/2016 Great experience from beginning to end! Really nice staff, relaxing waiting area with complimentary drinks and snacks…

Reviewed by Shannon S 2/24/2016 I had a day off from work and last minute decided to go get a massage. (Haven’t had one in years) This place had great reviews and I got an appointment the same day. Don’t be put off by the outer appearance because inside the environment is relaxing and clean. Gabriel was my therapist and he was amazing! I was so relaxed after the massage that I didn’t want it to end and decide to get a facial too. Sally was super sweet and really knew her stuff. I had a great experience and will definitely be back!

Reviewed by Rachel W 10/17/2015 Went in for an hour massage with Nelda and it was great. She was super attentive to the areas that I needed worked on. She was super knowledgeable and was communicative and asked what I preferred. I definitely recommend.

Reviewed by Christine G 5/12/2015 Loved my experience here. Everyone was so unbelievably kind. The whole spa was super relaxing and beautiful. I have already recommended this spa to several friends. Karima was wonderful. Will be going back.

Reviewed by Munira D. 5/9/2015 OK,Yelp needs to add more stars, 5 stars are not enough for the place. Had the best massage ever. The therapist was really great. Next time I’ll book the last appointment of the day, that way I can come home and roll right in bed. I’ve even booked my husband in for an awesome massage. Need I say any more.

Reviewed by Shelyna R. 5/9/2015 Perfect spa experience!  The decor is elegant and tasteful with an opulent feel to it.  The ambiance is relaxing from the warm welcome at the front desk, to the cool strawberry water offered at the end of the massage.  The massage room is calming and the table cozy with a warmer and soft coverings.  The massage itself was absolutely blissful. Nolan was very professional and kneaded out all the tension in my shoulders and neck.  I will be going back and recommending this spa to
my friends and colleagues!

Reviewed by Melissa H 3/19/2015 My husband got me a much needed massage and facial package from here for my birthday and a month after I birthed his baby – I earned it. I normally go to another spa because I was a loyal patron and loved their masseuse, however this place is a lot closer to home and more convenient. I absolutely loved my massage!! It was perfect and probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had. The facial was the best facial I’ve ever had. I’m so happy to have discovered this place, this is now my new go-to spa.

Reviewed by  Michelle A. 2/13/2015 I had a 90 minute massage from Gabe, and it was terrific. I had a horrid knot in my back and he spent most of his time focused on that. (As I had asked him to.) It was definitely more of a sports/injury massage because that is what I needed. I still was pretty sore after the massage, but after a good night of sleep I feel much better. A big thank you to Gabe for all his hard work. The salon is extremely clean and calming. There is plenty of parking, and the owner was delightful. I’d definitely come back here for a relaxation massage since Gabe did such an awesome job when I was in so much pain.

Reviewed by Jennifer Raizel S. 2/8/2015 Convenient and excellent! I was able to book an appointment right away. Friendly staff, relaxing rooms. I Highly recommend them to anyone needing a massage.

Reviewed by Yamini R. 2/4/2015 My husband took me to this massage center on my birthday and it was a complete surprise to me. I wanted a massage from a long time and to my surprise I got the best gift. The massage was amazing and organic too. It was so relaxing that I felt like heaven. Anyone looking out for a massage spa or place to be.

Reviewed by Matthew G. 1/29/2015 
Still Awesome!!!!!Best secret in North Austin!

Reviewed by Anna 2/21/14 Karima turned back time for me. My skin now feels and loks like it did 15 years ago. She’s an endless pool of knowledge and can help you with any needs you have.

Reviewed by Maria 2/18/14 I had my first Hydrafacial today and I loved it!!! Sara was fantastic and did an amazing job. Definitely will come back.  Thanks Sara and OrganicSpa.

Reviewed by Jordan B.  2/11/14   I looked at the reviews on yelp before I came and I saw raving reviews on how well Gabe does with body work.  I found out that the yelp reviews were accurate and I’d recommend Gabe to anyone looking for a great deep tissue massage.

Reviewed by Jennifer Raizel S. 2/08/14   Convenient and excellent! I was able to book an appointment right away. Friendly staff, relaxing rooms.  I Highly recommend them to anyone needing a massage.

Reviewed by Yamini R. 2/08/14   My husband took me to this massage center on my birthday and it was a complete surprise to me. I wanted a massage from a long time and to my surprise I got the best gift. The massage was amazing and organic too. It was so relaxing that I felt like heaven. Anyone looking out for a massage spa or place to relax yourself, this is the place to be.

Massage & Facial Package Reviewed by Brooke T.  1/20/15   Great service! Very personal to your specific needs and overall relaxing experience.

Reviewed by Bren. T. 1/16/15   I’ve been going here for almost a year for monthly massage therapy. Organic Spa has the best of the best! I’m in the fitness profession and I push my body hard. Every therapist is in tune with my needs and helps put my body and soul back on track! First class place all the way!

Reviewed by Ashley L.  1/6/15  My husband and I went in for a couples massage and it was the best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had. I had Nolan and my husband had Gabe and both were fantastic. The front desk was especially attentive and kind. I’ve recommended a few friends since going and will definitely be returning.

Reviewed by Matthew G. 1/4/15  Do NOT Let the Strip Mall parking lot deceive you.  This place is AWESOME.  Rosita is the manager and is super professional and knows her customer service.  One of the best aspects apart from Sara who does the facials is Gabe who does massages there.  This guy is extremely professional and knows what he’s doing.  I have been getting massages from him monthly for over a year.  The membership is the best way to go.  This place is one of the best secrets in Austin, don’t tell anyone!

Reviewed by Tess C.  1/1/15  I’m staying in Austin for the New Year’s holiday and wanted to take my daughter-in-law to a spa day.  I called all over Austin including the W and the Four Seasons.  However, everyone was booked…as they would be because I waited until the last minute.  Luckily for me, Organic had received a cancellation.  We were in right away.  Sara took care of our facials and Nolan & Jun were our massage therapists.  They were all so wonderful!! Sara made me beautiful and Nolan turned me into butter.  Go–you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by Andrea T.      12/21/14  I discovered Organic Spa when my husband booked a massage for me last Mother’s Day. I was slightly skeptical at first because my husband picked the place out. When I arrived to the spa I was pleased to walk into such a beautiful zen like atmosphere. The front desk personnel was very affable as well. I was very pleased with the service that I had and decided to try them for a facial. That is when I met Sara their master aesthetician. There are not enough words in the English language to describe how amazing and healing Sara is. She has been cleaning and clarifying my skin ritually and I am amazed how radiant my skin looks. My adult hormonal acne has stopped and my pores are so tiny now. Because of all those attributes I decided to book an apt. for my teenage son, as he had been dealing with teenage acne over the last three years. I am pleased to say that my son’s skin has never looked better and he has regained so much confidence seeing Sara. I highly recommend Organic Spa! It is a beautiful Spa with thoughtful owners and staff. Julia is my massage therapist and she is wonderfully healing too. My husband see’s Gabe for deep tissue and he also has nothing but praise for him too.

Reviewed by Jessie 12/18/14

I had a facial with Sara and she was fabulous as always!! My skin looks radiant and firm. Sara also does my makeup and has offered excellent suggestions for color.

Reviewed by Emily H.  12/9/15

My mother, daughter, and I were in great need of a day of relaxation and Organic Spa hit the spot!!  I had a one hour massage from Gabe and it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had.  I left feeling just like you want to after a massage – like a bowl of jelly!!  My daughter had a facial, brow wax, and applied day make up.  Her estheticianist, Sara, was very attentive and knowledgeable, providing lots of expertise on how to handle adolescent acne and such.  My mother was very pleased with her facial and massage.

We were treated like royalty from the moment we arrived until we walked out the door.  I even ended the visit with a nice glass of blueberry celestial tea.  I highly recommend this experience for a special or even ANY occasion!

Reviewed by Matthew G.  Amazing as always! Detox was great!
Reviewed by Suzie D.   I had a great experience for my first microdermabrasion! My skin feels amazing and Sara was great. Very relaxing!
Reviewed by Matthew G.  Just had a Artic Berry Organic Peel Facial and it was a amazing with Sarah. As a sun abuser, this is exactly what you need. It starts to take away your sun damage and signs of aging without any harsh chemical feeling. Will do this again ! Very professional!


Reviewed by Siobhan M.        Dec 04, 2014

I’ve been a member of Organic Spa Massage for nearly a year and they never fail to impress. They are always able to fit me in on short notice and are very friendly and informative.

I have mild sc… read more

Reviewed by Kali G.        Dec 03, 2014 Just had my first massage with Nolan and he was FANTASTIC! Being a very active woman and I’m always looking for a therapist to relieve my sore muscles from my workouts and that is only accomplished by deep tissue massage. I have been a member here for over 4 months and I’m so grateful for their services and over the top customer service.

Reviewed by Pamela S.    Nov 30, 2014   In the last 2 years, I have seen how my skin responded to my stressful job and busy lifestyle. I feel that I have aged more in the last 2 years than I had in a decade! It all showed in my face. I lost feeling good about myself and how I appeared. I lost that youthful looking glow. I came to see about an organic facial and met Sarah. She is amazing! She really listened to me and about what I was the most distressed about ….. wrinkles. In just 2 treatments I can see a difference in my facial tone and appearance. I feel more like me again with fewer wrinkles. I believe Sarah is healer and helps everyone she touches. I am coming back again and again.

Reviewed by Janelle M.   Nov 26, 2014    The organic peel treatment with the blueberry detox was amazing. I have sensitive skin, but this was very good.

Reviewed by Grace   Nov 25, 2014  I’ve seen Sara now two times for my acne prone skin. I have had 2 HydraFacial MD facials in the course of 2.5 mo. I started with heavy scarring, frequent flare ups, and small white bumps all over the skin. The bumps have gone away, the flare ups dramatically reduced, and the scars have faded very well. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ramin     Nov 25, 2014   Great service. Great people. Great massage!

Reviewed by Rachel Z.   Nov 25, 2014

I have been a member of Organic Massage for awhile now. Their facility is amazing and they offer a ton of treatments and carry high quality items. I recently had a a less then amazing massage and… read more

Reviewed by Shelley R.     Nov 23, 2014   Today, my Hydra Facial with Sara was the best. I can honestly say that I see a marked improvement in the look and feel of my skin and I certainly feel better. I highly recommend Sara.

Reviewed by Stefany   Nov 22, 2014   Had a wonderful facial from Sara while I was in town visiting from Chicago. My skin looks and feels amazing! Will definitely come again.

Reviewed by Ashra F.   Nov 22, 2014   I had a facial (anti-aging) with Sara today. It was a wonderful experience. My face and neck had a nice massage with aromatherapy scents. I feel relax and my face glows!! Thank you Sara! I will come back again.

Reviewed by Allison    Nov 21, 2014   Sara is wonderful for brow shaping, brow tinting and lash tinting. I’d never tried it before and now I’m hooked! No need for mascara and liner. She is so professional and caring. Sara does great work!

Reviewed by Melissa     Nov 21, 2014   Absolutely the best facial I’ve had ever!!! I had never had the Hydra facial before, but if you’ve never had one you simply MUST TRY THE HYDRA FACIAL!!! I warn you though…you will be instantly hooked…it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and radiant. You will feel ten years younger! Enjoy!!!

Reviewed by Ken H.    Nov 21, 2014  Great massage! Very relaxing.

Reviewed by Elena     Nov 20, 2014 I am so happy I found June and organic massage. I always feel great and happy after treatment. June, is amazing, but so is Gabriel , I never had a bad experience here, Thank you to both!!!!

Reviewed by Vikram Doddi   Nov 20, 2014  I love this little gem of a spa in the neighborhood. The staff is very polite and friendly and they have really good therapists. I have not had a single bad experience there and don’t expect to. If there is any misunderstanding or miscommunication, they are quick to rectify it. This is one of the few places remaining where they still value the customer. I like it so much that I have a membership there. They are well equipped and offer an abundance of services.

Reviewed by Samantha Mckay  Nov 18, 2014    Amazing spa conveniently located in the neighborhood! Great masseuses on the staff and multitude of other spa services offered. Inside the environment is clean, updated, soothing and relaxing. Great neighborhood find! You can tell quality and customer satisfaction are prioritizes.
Look into their member rates for discounts on recurring messages.

 Reviewed by Lester Muranaka   Nov 17, 2014 Great owners that genuinely seem to learn more about improving the quality and the experience. The loyalty program is a great option as well.